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Real X Gear


Welcome to the coolest products in the industry!  Real X Gear takes a simple technology of evaporative cooling and incorporates that technology into many different products.  Real X Gear’s patent pending cooling headgear, caps, shirts, visors, personal mister “The Fogger”, Xtreme cooling towels keep you cool all day long!

The Fogger; for example, is an invention by founder and CEO Chris Maher and is manufactured in the USA by Real X Gear,  The Fogger is the only battery operated, rechargeable, personal portable misting device that utilizes a powerful pump that produces enough pressure to have those water particles flash evaporate to keep you cool not wet like cheap misters.  We have taken a simple misting device and turned it into Cooling Device like no other.  The invention is now ready for the market after 18 plus months of research and development.  This compact lightweight cooling device is like having an personal air conditioner with you all day.  The applications are endless from baseball dugouts, restaurants, soccer games and security stations!

We have rounded off our line of products with a hammock, inflatable paddle board, inflatable kayak and copper inflexed compression socks, armbands and knee bands.  We are also very excited about new Active Lifestyle products soon to be introduced in the market!  With over 1000 retailers in the USA, you might find Real X Gear products at sporting goods stores, automotive shops, hardware stores, tackle shops, amusement parks, golf pro shops, or at your local grocery store.  Real X Gear continues to expand with new products and into new markets every year! Click here to view Real X Gear products.

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