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Hello, we are Appy Food and Drinks! We are the award winning ethical company that aims to make being healthier more accessible to the family without compromising on taste.

We value families before profit, so we create our products using the most innovative natural ingredients, such as stevia, to ensure that we are always affordable, approved by Mums and loved by the family. You can rest assured that whenever you pick up a product with the Appy logo on, it will be low in calories, low in sugars (all from natural fruit) and free from any nasty artificial stuff, meaning we ONLY make 100% natural, tasty and healthy products - and that's a promise! But you don’t have to take our word for it because not only are our juices School’s approved, we’re also endorsed by respected nutrition expert, and Lunchbox Doctor founder, Jenny Tschiesche, as well as being approved by the trusted Vegetarian Society.

We care about our environment so we make sure all our packaging is earth-friendly and recyclable. We also make all our packaging interactive! From our mobile app-activated packaging, to enjoyable easy-to-make crafts out of our boxes, we make sure that all our products come with something fun for the family. Our ingredients are ethically sourced using only contracted well paid farmers, and we also reduce our carbon foot print by using zero waste production partners.

The good times continue with Appy's wonderful online world that is exciting, engaging, and educational! It is brimming with healthy, easy to follow, and good-for-you recipes that will teach your family how to choose better food and drink options, as well as exercises and stimulating game ideas to encourage the family to get active.

We have also set up the Appy Green Project initiative to spread knowledge to parents, and more importantly kids, about how to embrace a healthier lifestyle through better food choices and exercise. We achieve this through fun educational workshops, healthy cook-along events, and even showing how to grow your own food! And we don’t stop there! We all know that food comes from our planet so we believe it is our duty to ensure our forests stay green by supporting various eco-friendly charities that are protecting our environment as well as using recycling and planting trees.

We do all this with Healthier Families at heart! 

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